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Can someone with gastric have a stomach reducing operation?

Gastritis is a disease that most people have and sometimes we are not even aware of. The question of Can someone with gastric have a stomach reducing operation is one of the most frequently asked questions, especially among obese patients. Yes, people with gastritis can have stomach reduction surgery, but they must first complete their gastritis treatment. Without gastritis treatment and waiting for the treatment to be successful, stomach reduction surgery is not recommended.

What is gastritis? 

Gastritis can occur suddenly or slowly over time. Gastritis, in short, is an inflammation of the lining of the stomach. Gastritis inflammation is most often the result of infection with the bacterium Helicobacter pylori (HP), which causes stomach ulcers. Gastritis occurs as a result of inflammation of the stomach lining due to erosion due to excessive secretion of gastric acid. A gastrointestinal bacterial infection can also cause gastritis. It is a bacterium that infects the lining of the stomach. The infection is usually transmitted from person to person, but it can also be transmitted through contaminated food or water. Certain conditions and activities can increase your risk of developing gastritis.

What causes gastritis? 

We will tell you about what causes gastritis here. We have already answered the question Can someone with gastric have a stomach reduction operation in the title above. So you need to understand how important this disease is. HP is a spiral-shaped bacterium that settles in the stomach by being taken orally and forms an inflammation that we call gastritis here. It lives by settling under the layer of mucus covering the gastric mucosa and protecting it from stomach acid and other factors. HP weakens the mucous layer with certain substances that occur both with the toxins it secretes and after the immune response of the body to the bacterium (the response of the body’s immune system to the bacterium), making the gastric mucosa sensitive to acid and other aggressive factors. Gastritis usually occurs at an adult age. Gastritis can have many causes. Stress, smoking, excessive alcohol consumption, pain medications, infections can cause gastritis.

How is gastritis diagnosed? 

For the diagnosis of gastritis, it is very important to evaluate the information and signs received by the doctor from the patient. It is a characteristic that is often determined when the upper-middle part of the patient’s abdomen is pressed during the examination, there is a feeling of tenderness and pain. The final diagnosis is made by endoscopic examination of the upper digestive tract. In this process, the esophagus, stomach and duodenum sections are examined in detail with a device called an “endoscope”, which can be bent by providing a short-term sleep state, which is optional, and has a camera and light source at the end, and is entered by mouth. By observing the tissue in these sections, the presence of a fire in the tissue and its properties, if any, are evaluated. If necessary, small samples are taken from the tissue for the purpose of pathological examination and investigation of helicobacter pylori, if necessary. Another examination is also a radiological method. In the radiological method, it is based on the imaging of the upper digestive tract with barium sulfate and similar opaque substance drunk.

What is Helicobacter pylori, the biggest cause of gastritis?

We have already answered the Can someone with gastric have a stomach reduction operation question and said that this operation cannot be performed without treating gastritis.  Now we will give you info about Helicobacter pylori. Helicobacter Pylori, short for helicobacter, is a type of bacteria that causes one of the most common infections in the world. The infection caused by this bacterium is Dec the most common causes of diseases such as peptic ulcer and gastritis, which is inflammation of the lining of the stomach. Helicobacter pylori infection can also last without any symptoms. In some patients, it causes mild heartburn, burning, gas, bloating complaints, while in others it can cause severe stomach pains, burns up to the esophagus, even vomiting and weight loss. The severity of the pain is also linked to whether the lesion it causes is gastritis or an ulcer.

Are reflux and gastritis different things 

Reflux is the backflow of stomach acid towards the esophagus. The contents of the stomach, which are mostly formed by acid, bile, or pancreatic fluid, can escape back into the esophagus. Prolonged contact of the contents with the esophagus causes the esophagus to be unable to protect itself. As a result, reflux disease occurs. Gastritis is an inflammation of the membrane lining the inner surface of the stomach. It occurs when too much stomach acid is produced or when the protective inner layer of the stomach wall is damaged. 

Can there be a stomach reduction operation with reflux disease?  

After answering the question Can someone with gastric have a stomach reduction operation, now let’s answer those who ask the same question for reflux disease. If your reflux is very severe and there are significant cell changes at the entrance to the esophagus in the endoscopy and pathology report, the team’s surgical preference may be different. In this case, surgeries that cause malabsorption and reduce pressure in the stomach may be preferred. Expert doctors say that reflux does not prevent stomach reduction surgery. But still this situation may be different for each patient. Since this operation is technically easy, surgery is performed by surgeons who are just starting obesity surgery or have insufficient experience, sometimes even without endoscopy before surgery. The large number of applications of this surgery creates a significant risk of chronic reflux and related esophageal cancers that may develop in the long term. 

We answer all the questions you are wondering about Gastritis, Reflux and stomach reduction surgeries. Call us, we will give you detailed information. You want to have a stomach reduction operation, but if you have diseases such as menstruation or gastritis, we help you in every way. Our specialist doctors and surgeons call you and inform you and we make your appointment at the most convenient time for you. 

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