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Can You Get Pregnant After Tube Stomach Surgery?

One of the questions that newly married couples who have obesity problems are wondering is the Can You Get Pregnant after Tube Stomach Surgery question. We will try to give the answer to this question and other details in this article. There are no interventions that will prevent pregnancy in gastric tube surgery. It is recommended to wait a minimum of 12 months for pregnancy after gastric tube surgery. This process is for the mother to reach her ideal weight and continue her life at this weight for a while, and to get enough vitamins and minerals naturally enough for both the mother and her baby to be born. The pregnant mother after the tube stomach surgery should start and complete the process by working in partnership with the bariatric dietitian – general surgeon – obstetrician-gynecologist.

When Can Pregnancy Be Planned After Tube Stomach Surgery?

Questions such as Can You Get Pregnant after Tube Stomach Surgery are among the concerns of many women of childbearing age. First of all, many female patients become more fertile after surgery, even after a 10-15% weight loss in the short term, compared to their condition before surgery. You can plan to become pregnant after 12 to 18 months after your surgery.  A tube stomach is a procedure that allows the stomach to shrink in general, without damaging the absorption of nutrients. That is why there are no major problems at the stage of pregnancy after tubal stomach surgery. Getting pregnant after surgery significantly reduces the risk of many pregnancy-related diseases, such as gestational diabetes, gestational high blood pressure, due to weight loss.

It is recommended to take protein supplements every day after surgery. After 2 weeks have passed, it is gradually switched to soft food and the importance of taking the morsels in small sizes and swallowing them after chewing them thoroughly is explained. For a month, heavy physical exercises and heavy lifting of loads should be avoided. Employees should not do very heavy work and in this way they can start working within 15 days. Women who want to become pregnant should definitely be under the control of a dietitian for 1 year.

How to Feed During Pregnancy after Gastric Sleeve Surgery? 

After gastric sleeve surgery, people should be fed with an average of 500 – 1500 calories. But such a calorie intake of a pregnant woman will not be enough for the baby. Therefore, you should prefer foods that are low in calories and high in nutrients. Nutritional counseling should be started before and after surgery for gastric reduction surgery is already a normal individual should continue in addition, while mothers nutritional status, pre-pregnancy and during pregnancy, in the name of any lack of protein and vitamins and minerals should be strictly followed. Especially, vitamins A, B1 and D, folic acid, iron, calcium deficiency and low serum albumin in the blood are often observed in expectant mothers who have had bariatric surgery. The recommended level of follow-up is to ensure control with a thorough blood test every trimester and undergo ultrasound every 4 or 6 weeks from the twenty-fourth week. There were no different health risks in the pregnancies of expectant mothers who had sufficient protein and vitamin-mineral intake than normal expectant mothers.

Is It Possible to Have a Normal Birth After Tube Stomach Surgery?

Yes, there is no harm in having a normal birth after tube stomach surgery. Studies conducted so far show that undergoing bariatric surgery does not prevent a healthy pregnancy, but in many ways reduces the risks. As most morbidly obese women have sterility problems, if they become pregnant, these pregnancies will be high-risk pregnancies for reasons such as gestational diabetes, preeclampsia, and fetal distress. However, it is known that almost half of the pregnancies that occur are involuntary pregnancies. This, in turn, shows how great a risk pregnancies in obese women pose. Many obese expectant mothers are worried for reasons such as pregnancy and childbirth will be risky after obesity surgery, anemia, nutritional problems, and development retardation in the baby. However, studies have shown that bariatric surgery reduces the problems that may put pregnancy at risk, such as gestational diabetes, high blood pressure, by close to half. Since the risk of macrosomy, that is, an overweight baby, will decrease, the rates of cesarean section also decrease.

When Can I Have Tube Stomach Surgery After Pregnancy?  

Let’s answer this the most frequently asked question after the question of Can You Get Pregnant after Tube Stomach Surgery. It is recommended to avoid pregnancy for 12-18 months after type stomach surgery. Thanks to this, you are expected to achieve maximum weight loss and a stable weight. In the period after surgery, it is recommended not to get pregnant due to very limited consumption of food and the rapid weight loss experienced and the associated rapid metabolic changes. After the tube stomach surgery, the body gets used to the new nutrition process and the loss of excess weight allows you to have a healthy pregnancy process. At the same time, this period also allows you to get over some complaints that often occur during pregnancy.

Stomach problems are the first of these complaints. Nausea and vomiting are observed during pregnancy due to the action of increased hormones, while, on the other hand, the slowdown caused by the emptying of the stomach causes a feeling of discomfort. In addition, reflux complaints are starting to occur more frequently in the later stages of pregnancy. This condition is more common in people who have a pre-existing stomach condition or have had surgery on the stomach. For this reason, it is recommended that people who have undergone stomach reduction surgery should not become pregnant for 1 year if possible. During this period, it is necessary to ensure adequate and balanced weight loss in people, to organize a lifestyle together with a diet.


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