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10 Reasons to Have Gastric Bypass

It is the surgery that has the most advantages among obesity surgeries. Gastric Bypass is one of the most practical surgeries in terms of application. The 10 Reasons to Have Gastric Bypass we have compiled below will give you an idea about the advantages of Gastric Bypass. Gastric Bypass surgery, where you can lose at least 50-60% of your weight in a few years, has many more advantages. Of course, these pros may vary according to each patient and their effects may be different. No matter how beneficial a bariatric surgery is, if you do not eat according to the instructions and create a new lifestyle for yourself after the operation, these advantages are of no importance. Gastric bypass surgery increases the patient’s energy and makes him more active in social life. It regulates the hormones, creating a feeling of satiety. Thanks to this, the patient is provided with weight loss. In fact, Gastric Bypass surgery is an operation that is associated with the intestines.

And here are 10 great reasons why you should have a Gastric Bypass:

  1. It is a simpler obesity surgery
  2. It is suitable for many obese patients and is easily applied
  3. Nutrient absorption is improved and fast weight loss is ensured
  4. You will not feel pain during the application
  5. Thanks to this operation, many serious diseases, such as reflux, are prevented
  6. The recovery period is very short
  7. You can give more than half your weight
  8. It is a more economical operation than other surgeries
  9. You can maintain your given weight for up to 20 years
  10. It is bariatric surgery where you can get the best results in the long term

Gastric Bypass Surgery

In short, it is a condition in which the stomach is bypassed. In Gastric Bypass surgery, the stomach is bypassed, a section of about 50 cc is sewn into the intestines, and the operation is completed. Thanks to this, the stomach is reduced in size, and part of the intestines is canceled. Thus, the absorption of nutrients is improved. In patients with this operation, a feeling of satiety occurs and they eat less. Gastric Bypass, which is performed laparoscopically, is also performed by robotic surgery in some cases. In recent years, these surgical techniques have improved a lot.  The first 3 months after surgery are very important. Your nutritional list will change and you will get used to it over time. In any case, the purpose of this operation is to ensure success in the long term. Understand that no one has a magic wand in their hands.

Expectations from Gastric Bypass Surgery

Every obese patient thinks that obesity surgeries are a miracle and dreams that there will be someone else after the operation. In fact, even if this is partially true, it is not quite true. That’s not how the process works. Determine your expectations from Gastric Bypass surgery accordingly. The process after the operation and your weight loss depend entirely on you. If you do not pay attention to your nutrition and do not change your habits, then this operation can be a complete disappointment for you. If you live a life that is consistent with regular nutrition, exercise, and the social life recommendations that your doctor recommends to you, your weight loss will accelerate and the surgery will be very successful for you. Some of the patients, unfortunately, are disappointed after the operation, as they do not comply with them.

Gastric Bypass Advantages

Gastric Bypass, which is one of the obesity surgeries with the most advantages, offers different advantages according to the patient’s condition. The most important of the Gastric Bypass Advantages is that it has the highest long-term success rate. Postoperative pains are much less than in other operations. In other words, a comfortable recovery process awaits you after surgery. The fact that it perfectly balances hormones is also one of its important advantages. It is possible to say that it is the best obesity surgery that creates a feeling of satiety. The effects of these advantages may vary depending on the patient’s health status. Not all patients may have the same effects. Living a life according to the doctor’s recommendations will increase the advantages of surgery.


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