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U.K. and Turkey for Gastric Surgeries’ costs? What are the major reasons and effects of the gap between them

According to a study published in the British Medical Journal, in order to make significant health gains for patients and reduce overall health spending, the NHS (UK National Health System) should increase the number of bariatric surgeries to around 50 thousand, the European average. The study, which compared between 2011-12 and 2014-15, found that bariatric surgeries covered by the NHS fell by 31%, from 8794 to 6032. Thus, only 1% of eligible patients who can benefit from this treatment have access to this treatment. Among the countries of the European Union, the UK is 13th. 6 among the G8 countries. In order. However, Britain’s place in the European Obesity ranking is second and sixth in the international ranking. When we compare Turkey and the UK, we see that there is a noticeable gap between them. Already when you look at the general statistics, you can understand this from the number of patients who come from the UK to Turkey and have gastric sleeve surgery. Because of many similar reasons, especially gastric sleeve costs, Turkey is one of the best countries in this sense.

2022 Gastric Sleeve Costs between U.K. and Turkey

Although the UK is a very developed country, it is a country that has lagged far behind Turkey in terms of gastric sleeve. Gastric sleeve price in Turkey is much more advantageous. Because labour wages are very high in the UK, prices in Turkey are very affordable. Gastric sleeve surgery in Turkey can vary according to doctor and hospital. It is normal for you to get different prices from each clinic. But it is still possible to say that it is at least 3 times cheaper than in the UK.

Gastric Sleeve Surgery€2150 – €3.500$15.000,00
Gastric Bypass€3.150 – €4.500$17.500,00
Gastric Balloon€1990 – €2990$7000 – $12000

Economic Factors:

Between UK and Turkey, there are very significant differences in gastric sleeve surgery. Although gastric sleeve costs are the most important factor, we should not forget some important factors such as economic factors, exchange rate, expenses, labor costs and taxes. Although the economy of UK is strong, it does not reflect much on the services it offers. So ordinary citizens of the UK have to pay a lot of money, especially to have some private surgery. Government facilities are limited and many surgeries are not covered by insurance. In other words, economic indicators are not as good as thought. In particular, this situation is negatively reflected in the health system. In Turkey, however, the health system works better than in the UK, although the economy is not very good. When economic factors are evaluated, we see that the UK is stronger. But Turkey, as a health system, is stronger than it is.

Exchange Rate

Generally, the Euro currency is used in the UK and its value is very high worldwide. In Turkey, the recent depreciation of the Turkish lira, in fact, be considered an advantage for foreign patients. Thus, they have the chance to be cheaper than the gastric sleeve surgery in Turkey. The currency concept refers to the coefficient that determines the value of one country’s currency against the currencies of other countries. If you need to give a simple example, the term dollar rate is used to refer to the value of the TL against the dollar.  Thus, the Gastric sleeve price is cheaper than in the UK. One of the most important reasons why patients prefer Turkey is the exchange rate. The fact that the exchange rate is different in the UK gives them an advantage when they are treated in Turkey.

Living costs: Rentals, Hospital, Hotels etc.

Private, public, and university hospitals, mainly in Antalya, Istanbul, and Ankara, are equipped with the highest technology in the world. In many hospitals in Turkey, obesity surgeries are provided with advanced technology health services. Turkey is geographically in a different position than other countries, we have the ease of destination. In addition, we are a very suitable country in terms of costs compared to other countries engaged in health tourism. The units we configure for cross-border patients coming to our clinics and the policies we create allow foreign patients to be treated easily. Hospital fees and living conditions are far more affordable than in the UK.

Labour costs of Medical Team

The movement has a significant share in World Tourism Turkey, which is owned by infrastructure facilities, quality health services, human resources, competitive price advantages, government support, geographical location, unique natural and historical resources, favorable climatic conditions combined with quality tourism and world-renowned Turkish physicians in the field of medical tourism with each passing day with more shares owns. A patient from abroad, from being met at the airport, transferred to clinics, and procedures during and after treatment, is served in a professional manner at every stage on the way home. In England, you will not find these VIP services.

Taxes and Government supports

It is an important advantage in terms of health tourism of advanced hospitals, both in terms of architecture and medical equipment. In addition, state support for health tourism should not be forgotten. There are tax advantages in this regard in Turkey. Therefore, hospitals and clinics offer very comfortable and professional services. Patients who come to Turkey for gastric sleeve surgery also benefit from these advantages. Gastric sleeve costs are affected by these positive factors.


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