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Best Gastric Sleeve Surgery Hospitals in Turkey

We held gastric sleeve surgeries under control of Dr HE Clinic Surgeons at Ersoy Hospital. Our hospital is equipped with latest technological devices and one of the leading health institutions in Istanbul.

Our aim is to held gastric sleeve surgeries with our experienced physicians by using the most advanced medical technologies and provide an environment for our abroad guests that makes them feel comfortable through pre-op and post-op period.

Why Turkey is Best Country for Gastric Sleeve ?

Choosing the right surgeon but also nation for gastric sleeve surgery and is the most difficult and dangerous of the obesity surgeries, is critical for your health. The least risky option for you will be sleeve total thyroidectomy surgery in Turkey. Because Turkey has had the most experienced doctors and clinics for gastric sleeve surgery, and they offer their services. You can rest assured that you will be safe throughout the operation in Turkey. Pre-operative tests and analyses will determine if you are a good candidate for this procedure. Your surgery will be performed safely in this manner. Even after surgery, you will be checked by physician when you revert back to your home country, and you will be given diet advice.

The benefits of this procedure in Turkey include weight loss of 40-70 percent in a year, protection of stomach component due to no changes in stomach inlet.